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For more thoughts on Reading with Biologists, see the following blog post, which details a lesson plan from the UC Santa Barbara class “Reading with Scientists,” pairing Frankenstein and genetic engineering:

Reading with Scientists: Frankenstein and CRISPR

We have reached the heart of Frankenstein. This week in “Reading with Scientists,” we paired Shelley’s novel with selections on the genome-editing technology known as CRISPR. Think of it as a tool for DNA customization; CRISPR allows scientists to add or delete certain genetic characteristics, essentially giving us the power to design living organisms to order. For context, we listened to a Radiolab podcast episode (“Update: CRISPR” from February 2017). We then launched into excerpts from a scientific textbook edited by Stephen H. Tsang, Precision Medicine, CRISPR, and Genome Engineering (2017). At stake was the central question, shared across our texts, of the creator’s responsibility for the created [….read more]

(Originally published on the WhatEvery1Says website by Abigail Droge on Oct 15, 2018, under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. WhatEvery1Says is a Mellon-funded public humanities project.)


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