This page is meant to compile resources relevant to the “Reading With” methodology. I list below a few of my own publications, as well as the beginnings of a bibliography for further reading of interest. If you have a suggested addition, please contact


Droge, Abigail. “Teaching Literature and Science in Silicon Valley.Journal of Literature and Science 10.1 (Summer 2017): 58-64.

Droge, Abigail. “Review of Kathryn Strong Hansen’s ‘Literature for Specific Purposes: A Literary Approach to Teaching Ethics in Science and Technology.’” Journal of Literature and Science 12.1 (Summer 2019): 77-79.

Droge, Abigail. “Review of Jessica Roberts’s ‘Teaching Literature and History of Medicine in the National Health Service.’” Journal of Literature and Science 12.1 (Summer 2019): 80-82.



Barber, Gregory. “What Sci-Fi Can Teach Computer Science About Ethics.” Wired. August 26, 2019.

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Projects of Interest

4humanities: Advocating for the Humanities (Led by Christine Henseler, Alan Liu, Geoffrey Rockwell, Stéfan Sinclair, Melissa Terras, Giorgina Paiella, Alanna Bartolini, Ashley Champagne, and Rudolf Ammann.)

Arts and Humanities in the 21st Century Workplace (Directed by Christine Henseler, Union College)

Center for Science and the Imagination (Directed by Ed Finn – Arizona State University)

Obermann Center for Advanced Studies (Directed by Teresa Mangum – University of Iowa). Key projects include the Graduate Institute on Engagement and the Academy and Humanities for the Public Good.

Wayne State Humanities Clinic (Led by Elizabeth Faue and Lillian Wilson Szlaga, Wayne State University)

WhatEvery1Says: The Humanities in Public Discourse (Directed by Alan Liu and Jeremy Douglass – UC Santa Barbara, Scott Kleinman – Cal State Northridge, and Lindsay Thomas – University of Miami)